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Our Story

     Township 9 was historically the name of a village that developed in the area. By tapping into history, Township 9 allows the consumer to be part of the excitement in a time and place where things were a little rougher around the edges, and anything was possible. The idea of a historic, upstart community that offers endless opportunities runs through every customer touch point, from the brand logo and cup design to the names for each individual coffee blend.

     Looking at the design of Township 9, the adventurous and historic feel comes through in simple cream and dark grey color tones, the use of texture, and the stylized type on the logo shield and cups. The map that is utilized on the cups and wallpaper depict a small town, full of energy and ready to grow into a great city. We used the old to inspire our new brand— a future legend that’s just getting started.

     And thus, Township 9 was born. Every cup invites customers to an untamed place where anything is possible. To us, it’s a small serving of inspiration as customers start their day.

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